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Mavady Pillaiyar Temple
Meesalai Thiruneelakanda Vellai Mavady Pillayar temple is situated in close proximity to Jaffna-Kandy road in Meesalai and on the Meesalai-Allarai road. The temple had been there even before the Portuguese rule in Jaffna. But fearing that it will be demolished by Portuguese rulers, devotees buried the Vinayagar idol in a nearby place. During the British rule, it came out during ploughing, and the temple was rebuilt and the unearthed Vinayagar idol was enshrined in the sanctorum.
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Alaveddy Kumpalawalai Pillaiyar Kovil
According to legend, Kumpalawalai Pillayar Kovil in Alaveddi is one of the seven temples where the horse-like faced Chola princess enshrined Vinayagar and prayed that her horse like face image should vanish from her mind. It is after praying at this temple that image vanished from her mind. The presiding deity of the temple in the sanctum sanctorum is Chandrasekara Pillayar. The annual festival is of 12 days duration during May.
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Tellipalai Sri Durga Devi Temple
Tellipalai Sri Durgadevi Temple, which started in a small hut under a mahua tree by a devout devotee called Kathirgamar, has become one of the most popular Sakthi Peedas in Jaffna today. It's located off KKS Road in Ulukudaipathi, in Tellipalai. It has a history of over 300 years. The presiding deity of the temple in the sanctum sanctorum is Mahisasuravardhani. The annual festival is of 10 days duration during August-September.
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Nainativu Nagapooshani Amman
Sri Nagapooshani Amman Temple on the island of Nainativu is an ancient temple and one of the 64 Sakthi peadas known as Puvaneswari Peedam. It is believed that this temple was originally built by Nagas for the worship of the Serpent God "Nayinar." The presiding deity in the sanctum sanctorum is Nagapooshani Amman seated under a five-headed cobra. The annual festival is of 15 days duration during July-August, ending with the water-cutting festival on the full moon day of August.
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Maviddapuram Kandaswamy Temple
Maviddapuram Kandaswamy Temple is located along KKS road in Maviddapuram, which is around 15km from Jaffna town. This is one of the ancient temples in Jaffna for Lord Muruga. The legend is that a 8th century Chola princess Maruthapuraveekavalli who had a horse like face got cured after bathing in Keerimalai and praying at Maviddapuram temple. The place got the name Maviddapuram because of this, as Ma means horse. The annual festival is celebrated in July-August for 27 days.
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Selva Sannithy Kovil
Selva Sannithy, known as North-Kathirgamam, is situated in Thodaimanaru, which is at the northern tip of the Jaffna Peninsula and was a sea port once. It is believed that the Lord Murugan himself has shown the place for his abode in Thondaimanaru and the Vel in the sanctum sanctorum was given by him to a devout devotee. Also, there is a belief that the Lord Murugan travels from the here to Kathirgamam for the annual festival. Poojas are performed in Sannithy in a tradition similar to Kathirgamam.
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Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil
Nallur Kandasamy Kovil (or Nallur Kovil) is a cultural icon and a main tourist attraction of Jaffna. It is along the Point-Pedro road in Nallur, and around 2 km from Jaffna town; just lying outside the Jaffna city limit. The presiding deity of the Nallur kovil is Lord Muruga and Vel is the mulamoorthi. The golden arch is the characteristic feature of Nallur Kandasamy temple. The annual festival of the temple is of 25 days, during July-August, starting with the flag hoisting on the sixth day of Aadi amaavasai.
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