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Sri Vallipura Alvar Swamy Kovil
The place name Valli or Vali is a Ramayana name, and it is also a clear toponymic from "Valli", or "sand" in Tamil and Sinhala. The Vishnu temple here was constructed around the 13th century. Tamil Buddhist and Hindu cults co-existed easily, even when the rulers did not, and hence a Vaisnava tradition may have existed in early times as well. The deity of the temple is called Vallipura Azhvar. Azhvar names are common in Vaishnavite tradition.
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Hartley College
Hartley College is one of the leading schools for boys in Point Pedro, in the Vadamaradchi region. It's located in the centre of Point Pedro, along the College Road. It is a Private-Christian Grade 1 boys’ school founded in 1838. The college has classes from grade 1 to grade 13 with over 75 teaching staff for over 1500 students. Classes are conducted in both Tamil and English medium. The college motto is “Flat lux (Let there be light).” Its flag colour is blue and gold.
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Selva Sannithy Kovil
Selva Sannithy, known as North-Kathirgamam, is situated in Thodaimanaru, which is at the northern tip of the Jaffna Peninsula and was a sea port once. It is believed that the Lord Murugan himself has shown the place for his abode in Thondaimanaru and the Vel in the sanctum sanctorum was given by him to a devout devotee. Also, there is a belief that the Lord Murugan travels from the here to Kathirgamam for the annual festival. Poojas are performed in Sannithy in a tradition similar to Kathirgamam.
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