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Phone No:  Address: Keerimalai Theertham Keerimalai Sri Lanka
Chunnakam Shri Kathiramalai Sivan
Tellipalai Union College
Chundikuli Girls College
Vembadi Girls' High School

Keerimail Theerththam is the holy water of Naguleswaram temple, which is one of the five pre-historic Eeswarams in Sri Lanka. The theertham is believed to have curative values and there are many legends about its curative power. In Keerimalai, the fresh, mineral water from the springs mix with the brackish sea water, and this is referred in legends as the union of powers Sivan and Sakthi. Hindus visit Keerimalai shrine on Aadi amavaasai to perform ablutions and offer prayers to the departed ancestors.

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