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Phone No:  Address: Neervely Kanthaswamy Kovil, velkotam
Mavady Pillaiyar Temple
Kantharodai Archeological Excavation
Kondavil Bus Depot
Chunnakam Shri Kathiramalai Sivan

Neervely Kanthaswamy Kovil is situated in the south part of Neervely, and it was also known as Velkottam. It has a history of over 200 years. The story behind Velkottam is that, a Muruga devotee Kanthainar from this village while on a pilgrimage to Kathirgamam on foot was chased by an elephant and he ran into a jungle to escape and lost his way. He tiredly slept under a tree and, while sleeping a saint appeared before him and gave a vel and asked him to take that with him to reach Kathirgamam safely. He also guided him out of the jungle and vanished. Kanthainar, after returning from his pilgrimage, built a small temple for lord Muruga and enshrined this Vel in it. This temple was known as Velkotam. Later, in 1852, Kanthainar together with his brother Nallainar brought a Kandaswamy idol and built a bigger temple around 300yards from Velkotam, and enshrined the idol and the vel in the temple, which is now called Neervely Kanthaswamy Kovil. Kadambam is the sacred tree of the temple. The annual festival of the temple is for 19 days in April, and the dates are decided such that the water cutting festival falls on Chithra Powrnami (April Full moon day).

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