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Kondavil Agricultural Land
Kondavil, a beautiful village, 4 km North of Jaffna city is endowed with nature's gift of rich red soil. Once agriculture was booming in Kondavil and consists mostly of farmers. Tobacco, onion, Potatoes, and chilly are the main cultivars of Kondavil. The villagers wake up before dawn to start work in their farmland. The village can be approached via both KKS and Palaly roads. The main bus depot of Jaffna district is also located in Kondavil.
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Casuarina Beach
Casuarina beach is said to be the best beach in the Jaffna Peninsula. It is in Karainagar, which is about 20 kilometres from Jaffna. Casuarina trees line up along the beach; thus it got the name Casuarina Beach. The beach is popular for its soft sand and gentle waves; you can walk deep in to the sea for miles in the calm, shallow water and soft sand underneath like a carpet. It’s an ideal place for bathing and to relax under the shades of the Casuarina trees.
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